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Act together to prevent more sovereign debt crises

Original article – As written for the Financial Times Sir, Martin Wolf is right to assert that a world of global capital flows needs a workable mechanism for restructuring sovereign debt (Defend Argentina from the vultures, June 24). The problem is that most governments don’t agree: neither advanced countries nor emerging markets (not even Argentina) are […]

Conversation in Greece

A great new way for the IMF to help debt-laden countries without forcing them to default

Original article – As written for Quartz The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is considering a big shift in its lending rules. Eager to avoid a repeat of the massive loans it provided to the hopeless case that was Greece in 2010 (pdf)—and Argentina in 2003—the Fund has just released a staff paper that proposes two […]

map of Argentina

Argentina’s Return to Default?

Original article – As written for OpenCanada.org Today the U.S. Supreme Court delivered landmark rulings against Argentina in a pair of legal battles with creditors holding foreign-law bonds on which the country defaulted in 2001 in the midst of its massive economic and political crisis. In the most closely watched of the two cases, the […]

Argentina's debt saga

Argentina’s debt saga shows why we need a better way to deal with bankrupt countries

Original article – As written for Quartz Something slightly strange will happen at the US Supreme Court today. It’s the deadline for amicus briefs in support of Argentina’s request to overturn lower court rulings that would force the country to service parts of the debt on which it defaulted in 2001. The strange thing is that […]