Sovereign Debt Restructuring: The Costs of Delay

PDF of the draft paper is here:   By Brett House a, Mark Joy b, and Nelson Sobrinho c (This version: 4 October, 2017) Abstract Sovereign debt restructurings can be protracted affairs, not only in their resolution but also in their inception. In this paper, we develop a new database to look at sovereign debt restructurings […]


Cited: We missed the AIIB Party … now what?

As cited in National Post.  Rana Sarkar notes my work on a Canadian development finance institution (DFI): “There are real returns to this strategy. Economist Brett House notes the U.S.’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation returns $8 in benefits for $1 lent.” We missed the AIIB Party … now what? Rana Sarkar Toronto – Last week […]

Argentina Debt Standoff

Quoted: Citibank in Argentina to stop making bond payments

As quoted in the Associated Press.  The AP Buenos Aires interviewed me on the Citibank’s Catch-22 between the NY courts and Argentina’s authorities. “Instead of staying in the frying pan or hopping into the fire, Citibank decided to simply get out of the kitchen,” said Brett House, a debt expert and senior fellow at the […]


Montreal’s economy could be fixed

Original CBC Article “I think one of the key things we need to look at is the way we integrate immigrants. The unemployment rate here generally is around 8.3 per cent.  For recent immigrants it’s over 11 per cent.  Contrast that with Toronto, where there’s only a one percentage point gap between well-established populations and […]