Here’s why hedge funds will never be able to hold debtor countries hostage again

Original article – As written for Quartz Over the last few months, governments from Kazakhstan to Mexico have quietly started changing the way they issue debt. These shifts—small tweaks in the way bond contracts are written—have received little attention, yet they have the potential to make future financial crises a lot easier to resolve. That […]


#Davosproblems: The financial crisis isn‘t over, and the inequality crisis is just beginning

Original article – As written for Quartz The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting has kicked off in Davos, Switzerland under the banner of “The New Global Context.” Falling in the long shadow of the financial crisis, the WEF’s theme reflects as much hope as a creeping sense that economic turmoil is the new normal. Some […]

Canada development finance

Canada Needs to Get Serious About Development Finance

Original article – As written for The Huffington Post This past Wednesday, the Aga Khan Foundation convened in Ottawa a compelling meeting to look at adding a commercial lending arm to the Canadian government’s support for international poverty reduction. The gathering came after months of speculation that 2015 might see the announcement of a new Canadian […]

Contributor to the Financial Times

Act together to prevent more sovereign debt crises

Original article – As written for the Financial Times Sir, Martin Wolf is right to assert that a world of global capital flows needs a workable mechanism for restructuring sovereign debt (Defend Argentina from the vultures, June 24). The problem is that most governments don’t agree: neither advanced countries nor emerging markets (not even Argentina) are […]